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ENG226 reading 1

ENG226 reading 1 - when the main character is making a film...

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Megan Wauschek  April 15, 2010 ENG226  Michelle Boyajian – Lies of the Heart  Michelle, more commonly known as Mel, wrote the book “Lies of the  Heart”. I did not have high expectations going into it from the title but based on  what she read of her book I was actually pretty interested in reading more. I liked  the amount of research she put into her work and and all of the different  characters and possible conflicts show how much work she put into the novel.  The story was about a woman who’s husband’s , whom she had been  separated with for a short period, death and trial. He worked with handicapped  people and one who their family took in as one of their own ended up shooting  her husband in the head and no one knows why. Also another aspect is tied in 
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Unformatted text preview: when the main character is making a film about the holocaust. She interviews a couple who survived the holocaust who later end up commiting suicide together. My favorite part of the reading was the question and answer portion. I love hearing about how authors go about writing a novel. She talked about how the shower is the place she thinks best and she’ll take dozens of showers a day when writing. She confessed taking hours on one sentence, and how it’s a problem with her because she gets too caught up in it when chance are it will be cut from the final book anyway. She said when she comes up with a really good sentence or paragraph she gets giggly, which was also cool....
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