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Megan Wauschek Reading #2  Post_moot  I went to a perfomance on the first day of Post_moot . I went to the  5pm performance. Luke Roberts was supposed to be one of the poets  reading but because of the  ash cloud in Europe, they explained that a lot of  the poets and performers from the UK and Europe were unable to make it  over, and he was one of them. Cathy Wagner read instead of Luke Roberts  and it actually worked out well because I liked her a lot. She read a lot of  poems that she had written herself and had gotten published, she was very  good at reading them. The best part was the way they flowed and sounded. 
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Unformatted text preview: It was hard for tme to pay attention too much in the room because there was a lot of people who seemed to be whispering or moving a lot, which distracted me, probably because I have four classes on Thursdays and this reading was right after my last class. Cathy also decided to read some of the work that Luke Roberts had emailed her that he was going to read during the performance. Stan Apps also read with Jacqui Kari. They were not as good as Cathy though. They seemed to get off topic a lot with their readings and spent a lot of time between readings....
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