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ENG226 school days

ENG226 school days - Run Act swiftly Only one minute late...

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Megan Wauschek April 5, 2010 School Days calm at once stirred. The siren, frightening, before you can hear it familiar. The dreaded morning has begun. Once the day starts you will have to learn to keep up, like the smallest duckling learns with his brothers to follow close. Splash when it hits. No doddeling, you must stay on task. Don’t slip into counting Your dream-land sheep. This day wont wait.
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Unformatted text preview: Run! Act swiftly! Only one minute late, but busses have no remorse for freight. You simply must venture on now. Walk, Almost run. You think, how has this morning crept up? Destination in sight and now begins the final sprint. Slam down your bag Ringing home room bell notes victory. The morning smells defeat. The prize you have won? Not so sweet....
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