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Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence. (250-500 word) The future used to be one of my worst fears. Just thinking about it always made me nervous. With all of my uncertainties and things I could not control, it seemed infinitely bigger than me. When it came time to make important decisions, I found the idea absolutely overwhelming and as I tried to push these responsibilities away I found myself drifting from my goals and questioning so many things that I used to be so sure of. I dreaded the summer before my senior year in high school. Classes were over for the season, but I knew the stress would not let up until my future was secure and I was sitting in my dorm room in college. That day seemed so far away. I also knew that I would need a way to calm down when things got stressful. For all of my life I have turned to the arts to distract myself from my anxiety, be it through music, photography, reading or visiting museums. That year, my friends and I had gotten to enjoy frequenting Houston’s art museums. Each time, we learned something new from the seemingly endless collections and exhibits of fine and contemporary works. In Houston, the Menil Collection is home to the Cy Twombly Gallery, the place where I would meet a person who would open my mind and transform my perception of the future. The first time I visited the gallery, I left the Menil Collection in such a bad mood that day, I was certain I had to return. Upon entering the gallery, I first noticed the distinct and pleasant smell of plaster. The works of art, sculptures and paintings, stood out from any other artwork I had ever seen. Standing in each room accompanied by sets of canvases and sculptures surrounding me was an overpowering, yet confusing experience. Each set had its own theme, a central idea, that displayed the rawness of human emotion and called upon an unexplored area of my mind as I tried to make sense of it all. At the end of the gallery in a room of its own hung the triptych that would captivate my thoughts, try my patience and cross my path with that of the unknown, giving me a perspective on life that I could never have imagined. I began to consider the canvas: It must have been 50 feet long, 10 feet high, starting, from the left in a grey, dream-like setting leading into bright bursts dripping of rich color on the right with historical allusions and profound, poetic quotes thoughtfully dispersed throughout. As I
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dove further and further into my interpretation of this piece, I could feel myself being pushed from a comfortably distanced and sympathetic mindset to a state of pure happiness, and then to a horrible sinking feeling, ending in utter bewilderment. Somehow, this single piece communicated to me an unidentifiable emotion or set of
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Common App Essay - Indicate a person who has had a...

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