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Sanchez 1 Madeleine Sanchez Mr. Benjamin Holloway English 4 2, September 2011 Blood Imagery in Shakespeare’s Macbeth In Shakespeare’s Macbeth , Macbeth’s determination triggers a struggle to kill his way to power and to continue killing to keep it. Macbeth’s repeated use of blood imagery works to both emphasize the sense of chaos and disorder in the play and act as a symbol of guilt in the traditional “blood on your hands” metaphor. Macbeth’s ambitions, as well as Lady Macbeth’s ruthlessness, get in the way of their morality, resulting in haphazard and frenzied schemes to quench their thirsts for power. Instead of responding rationally to his guilt and fears of getting caught, Macbeth commits more crimes in hasty attempts to cover up his previous ones, thus contributing to the commotion of the story. The severe impacts of the wrongdoings Macbeth commits test his conscience, as well as his sanity, and eventually lead to his demise. By using blood as a central motif in Macbeth , Shakespeare conveys the utter turmoil that ensues as one character after another dies at the Macbeths’ gain. Most people are bothered at the sight or thought of blood. A similar reaction is created by Macbeth’s use of blood imagery, mainly in scenes that involve death, killing and the emotional upset that results from it. The usage of blood to describe the chaos that stems from Macbeth’s and his Lady’s tyrannical rule best presents itself in Malcolm’s statement, “I think our
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Macbeth - Sanchez 1 Madeleine Sanchez Mr Benjamin Holloway...

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