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The Artist A man sits alone on a stool in his room. His thoughts overlap as through his head they zoom. Just how to portray, how to speak, how to feel These thoughts in his mind as they come and they steal Away to dark caverns and depths of his mind. Emotions and insight, they turn him unkind. This realization that his view is not Alike to the people around as it ought He knew that he could only do one last thing In attempt to express his intense questioning His love and his hate and the feelings between Could only come out in one way, it did seem
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Unformatted text preview: He picked up the paint and the clay and the pen He sang and he wrote and he drew life and then A new recognition appeared in his head Just one fleeting thought that made life feel less dead He found that this art is the link to our past The single creation of man that can last At this he was better, no longer so blue. Because the man knew just what he had to do. With so much to say and to give on this Earth This man is an artist of centuries worth....
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