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Mapping Challenge: The goal of this challenge is to remotely drive your robot from the corner of the field to the black LEGO brick and report the exact coordinates of the brick. Skill Badges: You will almost certainly use both tasks and containers to complete this challenge. However, because there are many ways to approach this challenge, the instructor will determine which skill badges you earn by examining your program. Procedures: Experimental Setup : The field will consist of a 2x4 ft white rectangle with short walls to prevent your robot from accidentally driving off the edge of the field. One black 2x4 LEGO brick will be placed randomly on the field. Your robot must start in the lower left corner of the field and determine the exact location (X-Y coordinates in inches) of the brick relative to the lower left corner (X=0, Y=0). Robot Design : Your robot can be remotely controlled (wireless via Bluetooth is acceptable but not required). Your robot must display the X and Y coordinates (in inches) on the NXT’s LCD for
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