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CS232 Mid-term 2 Review 1 Review for Mid-term Exam 2 Facts about the organization: Exam takes 50 minutes. No written references or calculators are allowed. Pencils are encouraged. To receive any partial credit, show your work and comment any code. 2 Things to know for the Exam ( an incomplete list ) 1. Generic datapath concepts Tracing instructions through the datapath ( e.g. , mark all wires active during the execution of add instructions) Specifying control signal values for some instructions Adding new instructions ( but not emphasized this semester ) Computing the cycle time for a given datapath 2. Single-cycle Datapath 3. Pipelining and the Pipelined Datapath Ideal speedup and the reasons that it is not achieved Dependences, data hazards, and forwarding (which cases can be handled?)
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Unformatted text preview: • Control hazards, branch resolution, branch prediction, and stalling 4. Performance • Components of processor performance: number of instructions, CPI, clock period • Computing speedup • Throughput vs. Latency • Amdahl’s Law 5. I/O programming and interrupts • Memory-mapped I/O • Understand the structure of the interrupt handler & what the parts do • (no need to memorize anything.) 6. Other topics • Endianness (but we don’t expect you to memorize which is little and which is big) 7. Things previously covered, that we didn’t cover this semester: • Floating Point Representations (single-precision IEEE 754), now left to CS 357 • Multi-cycle implementation (only of historical importance) 8. Not until midterm 3: Caches...
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