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Unformatted text preview: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY DEPARTMENT OF CEE FALL SEMESTER. 2007 Instructor: PJ. M. Monteiro Name: CE 60 i EXAMINATION Please iusfifv all veur answers 7!? Question 1 (W 1) Atomic Pading factor (APP) is defined as: A”: __ volume of (Hon-15 in unit cell volume of unit cell Compute ihe atomic packing factor for the FCC unit cell. (12 points) 2:} Draw fl [1T0] direction within a cubic unit cell (5 points) 3) Assume that the net energy curve (see figure below) can be expressed as K K . , . . E:— :+ 1;, where RH and A, are constants for attraction and rcpuls1on, a a‘ respectively. For argon, Kn :10.37 x10"?3 J_m° and Kr: 16.16 x1 (1’153 1m”. Compute the equilibrium length on. (12 points) Inscriunic Lllt‘IIIEICL‘ .; Question 2 (35 points) From the tensile stress-strain behavior for a brass specimen shown in the figure helou; determine the following: a) Modulus of elasticity (7 points) b) The yield point at a strain offset of0.2 % (8 points) c) The maximum load that can be sustained by a cylindrical specimen having an original diameter of 10 mm. (10 points) (1) The change in length of a specimen originally 300 mm long that is subjected to a tensile stress of 345 MPa. (10 points) Stress tMPa} Stress {103 psi) Question 3: (31 points) I) A 0.25 percent C hypoentcctoid plain-carbon steel is slowly cooled from 1000°C to a tcmperaturejust slightly below 723 °C. Calculate: a) the weight percent cutectoid ferrite in the steel (10 points) and b) the weight percent ofperlite in the steel (ll points) [1) A hypercutectoid plain-carbon steel contains 93 wt% perhte. What is its averse carbon content? (10 points) '1‘!" 1, Ito) s 1 'l‘cmim'ulut'c ("Cl it!) [ r: 5- Raj: ' FM: . I a t': u; 0.5 ‘ 6.6? m}:- at? ,_ Weigh-- e '. ':n m it I.ng 11 mm ...
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cee60-fa07-mt1-Monteiro-exam - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT...

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