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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY DEPARTMENT OF CEE FALL SEMESTER, 2007 Instructor: P.J. M. Monteiro Name: ____________________ CE 60 – EXAMINATION Please justify all your answers Question I (33 points) 1. What is the difference between setting and hardening? (6 points) 2. What raw material of Portland cement provides the .source of aluminum for the formation of C3A? (6 points) 3. A contractor wants to eliminate the bleeding by dusting cement on top of the slab. Please write a short memo describing if you think that this approach is good practice. (7 points) 4. What would be the consequence to (a) fresh concrete and (b) hardened concrete if the coarse aggregate is covered by very fine materials? If you’re the contractor what would be your recommendation to avoid this problem? (6 points) 5. A laboratory-mixed trial batch had a unit weight of 150 pcf, contained a total of 400 lbs. of materials, of which 50 lbs. was cement. Compute the cement content in pounds per cubic yard. (8 points)
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Question II (35 points) 1. Below are three 1 cu. yd batches of concrete adjusted for SSD conditions. The elastic moduli of all coarse aggregates are higher than that of pure hydrated cement paste. 27 pts possible Batch A Batch B Batch C Cement 1000 lb 900 lb 900 lb Water 500 lb 450 lb 450 lb Coarse Aggregate 1250 lb 1250 lb 1250 lb Fine Aggregate 1200 lb 1200 lb 1200 lb E modulus of the coarse aggregate 49.5 GPa 49.5 GPa 65.3 GPa BSG of the coarse aggregate 3.43 2.80 2.80 BSG of the fine aggregate 2.50 2.50 2.50 a) Which batch will produce the most expensive concrete? Why?
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cee60-fa07-mt2-Professor_Monteiro-soln - UNIVERSITY OF...

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