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cee70-fa04-mt1-Johnson-exam - z3 University f calilomia o...

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z3 University of calilomia CE ?0 Engineering Geolo6/ Fall 2004 Midterm Examinalion Nu. ., =l!ri Please, read each question carefillly beforc you answer. Each question bas or y one correct answer. Make sure your name is on the examination and the answer sheet when you finish. l. A phenochryst is & Another name for feldspar 6,,] A larye crystal s€t in a matrix of fine-grained oystals i i c. A polymorph of feldspar d. None ofthe above 2. A glass plate can be scratched by the following mineral a. pltite b. fluorite c, sDsum a!) quaftz 3, The rale of chemical weathering of silicste minerals increases as a. A function ofhardness b. As their crystallization tcmperatue decreas€s c. As the number ofbonds between silica lotrahedral decreases Q All ofthe above 4. New lithospheric crust is typically produced a. in suMuction zones b. at transformational boundaries O at spreading c€nters and mid-ocean ridges d. beneath continents 5. A potentiometric surface describes a. the permeability ofan aquifer b. the distribution ofhead in an aquifer c. a transitional erosional surfac.e {i uplifted terraces on a floodplain 6. The mineralogy of gabbro conesponds to the following volcanic rock a Basalt b. Dacite a;. Diorite d. Rhyolite 7. The alignment ofthe Hawaiian Islands and Ernp€ror Seamoufls identify !a", a mid-ocean spreading c€nter b. a Plate boundary c. a change in the dircction ofthe Pacific Plate movem€nt d. all ofthe above
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Unive6ity ofCalifomia Namei CE 70 Engineering Geolory Fall 20tI4 Mi&ern Examioalion 8. An igneous dike 3, Prevents water fto ( b,, intsudes across co c. intrudes horizon& d. none ofthe above water ftom flooding in the Sacramento/SanJoaquin River Della country rock bedding horizontally parallel to country rock bedding 9. Cross-bedding in sedimentary rock a.
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  • Initialisms, Linda Bove, fthea bove, Thealignment fthe Hawaiianslands, ach uestion asor, glass late anbescratchedy

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cee70-fa04-mt1-Johnson-exam - z3 University f calilomia o...

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