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cee70-sp05-mt1-Johnson-exam - g$ c eolosy 4 i-cE 7 0E...

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IJniversity of California A a c. d. g$ cE 70 Ensineerins ceolosy 4 i,-- spri ns 2005 M idterm Ex an inztioty/ ).'4 < Name: Please, rdd Fstion carefuE-befor€ you answer. Each question has only ong correct answer. Make sure your n me is on the examination and the answer sheet when you fnish. l. The movernent oflithospheric plates is descnibed by. .. geolory tectonics geophysics plate tectonics 2. An oceanic trench is an example ofa . .... plate boundary reduction convergeDt divergent transform Large earthquakes and explosive volcanic activity are associated with the following plate bouDdary: a, g, w @ b. tr) o. 3. transform oceanic island arc subduction 5. How does the contineotal crust differ from the oceanic crust? -a\ it is about the sam(: 'b.l continedal crust is lighter and richer in Si and Al d conthental crust is more briftle d. oc€anic crust is thicker 6. Boweo's reaction 6-) D. 7. The following prop€rties can be used to ide iry minerals in hand specimens lurdness cleavage stteak all ofthe above a. ra) transform fiult boundary island arc earthquake in an offshore subduction zone earthquake along the mid-oceanic ridge series describes tlre order ofcrystallization ofsiiicate minerals from magr|a reactivity ofminerals wirh acidic solutions reactivity of silicate rninerals with hylrothermal fluids all ofthe above
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Plagioclase f9ldspar carurot scratch the following /'6 talc University olcalifornia fluorite pyrite quartz , l{.Acid mine drainage is caused primarily by CE 70 Engineering Geology Spring 2005 Midterm Examination 9. A light cblored, coarse grained intrusive rock could be a gradte ifit a. has less than l0% Quartz b. is plutonic @) has more than l0% Quajrtz d. has some feldspar I 0. The mineralogy of diorite corresponds to the following volcaric rock \.
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cee70-sp05-mt1-Johnson-exam - g$ c eolosy 4 i-cE 7 0E...

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