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CE 111: Environmental Engineering MIDTERM EXAM #2 12 November 2003 NAME GROUND RULES : This is a closed-book/closed-note exam, except that you are permitted one sheet of notes. Do your work on the paper provided. After the exam, staple your work to this exam sheet. Please be sure that your name is written on each page you submit. Also, please be sure that the problem number and your answer are clearly indicated. The total score possible is 20 points, and the time allowed is 50 minutes. Use the time wisely. Good luck! REMINDER : Read the questions carefully , and be certain you are responding appropriately. HINTS : (1) If you seem to be missing an important piece of information, assume a reasonable value, state your assumption, and proceed. (2) Partial credit is granted, but only if your work can be understood (and your thinking is reasonable). (3) The different parts of each problem are independent of one another and can be solved in any order. Problem #1 (9 possible) ________ Problem #2 (5 possible) _______ Problem #3 (6 possible) ________ TOTAL SCORE (out of 20) DATA AND RELATIONSHIPS (some of which may be useful): ATOMIC MASSES (g/mol): H - 1, C - 12, N - 14, O - 16 APPROXIMATE COMPOSITION OF DRY ATMOSPHERE: N 2 - 79%, O 2 - 21% IDEAL GAS LAW: pV = nRT GAS CONSTANT: R = 82.05 10 -6 atm mol -1 m 3 K -1 CONVERSION FACTORS: pressure: 1 atm = 1.01325
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cee111-fa03-mt2-nazaroff-exam - CE 111: Environmental...

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