Cee111-fa03-mt2-naza - (d The sand(or gravel etc in the aquifer acts as a filter(e Makes better use of the full depth of the bed for particle

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CE 111: Environmental  Engineering Fall 2003 ANSWERS TO SAMPLE MT EXAM #2 1. NONREACTIVE TRACERS IN REACTOR SYSTEMS 2. SEDIMENTATION (a) η = 1 - Χ ιν (b) = ω σ Λ ΥΗ if v s UH / L η = 1 if v s > UH / L (c) C = εξπ - ÷ 3. CONCEPTS IN WATER QUALITY ENGINEERING (a) Process of reversing flow in sand filter to clean it. (b) Biochemical oxygen demand = organics (c) Long pipe and manifold for discharging wastewater underwater far from shore.
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Unformatted text preview: (d) The sand (or gravel, etc.) in the aquifer acts as a filter (e) Makes better use of the full depth of the bed for particle removal. (f) RO requires much less energy. t V/Q C* C 1(a) t V/Q + t* C 1(b) t* Cmax = Q C* t* / V t V/Q C* C 1(c) 0.32 C* 0.82 C*...
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