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CE 111: Environmental Engineering \tITDTERM EXAM #2 3 November 2010 1. Concepts in environmental transport (4 points; 1 each) Provide a brief answer to each of the following questions to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of environmental transport phenomena. (a) Write an expression for the relationship between one-dimensional advective flux and species concentration. Define your terms and provide appropriate units for each. (b) Turbulent transport is often modeled in a way that parallels Fick's law: J t = -8 de. Y dy Define the symbol 8 and provide an appropriate set of units. (c) Drag on a particle is governed by two fluid properties: density and viscosity. What is the dimensionless number that determines which of these properties contributes strongly to drag? (d) In studying projectile motion, one commonly starts with Newton's-law: F= m Q. In environmental transport, the basis for analyzing particle settling is to solve F = o. Why is it acceptable to neglect acceleration when studying particle settling in environmental fluids? 2. Transformations in flow reactors (8 points; 4 each)
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