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cee122-fa01-mt1-unknown-exam - welds Make sure the...

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University of California at Berkeley CEE 122 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Fall 2001 Practice Midterm 1: Tension and Compression Members 10/11/01, 502 Davis Hall, 2 hours Name Problem Points Maximum 1 25 2 25 3 25 4 25 total 100 Honor Pledge: I have neither give nor received aid during this examination, nor have I concealed any violation of the Honor Code.
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Problem 1: (25%) Determine the maximum allowable tensile load T u (25% dead load and 75% live load) for a single C15x33.9 fastened to a 1/2-inch gusset plate as shown below. Use A572 gr. 50 steel for both the channel and the gusset plate. Assume the bolts have a 3/4-inch diameter. Check all applicable yielding, fracture and block-shear failure modes. [email protected]"=9" 1-1/2" 3" 3" 1-1/2" C15x33.9 A36 t=1/2" A36 db = 3/4" Problem 2: (25%) Select a pair of A572 Gr. 50 angles to support a tensile dead load of 48 kips and live load of 32 kips and has a length of 24 feet. Assume the angles are back-to-back and separated by a 3/8-inch gusset plate. Assume the angles are welded to the gusset plate by both longitudinal and transverse
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Unformatted text preview: welds. Make sure the slenderness ratio does not exceed 300. Problem 3: (25%) A 29-feet long column carries a 75 kips dead load and a 175 kips live load. It is in a braced frame, with both top and bottom pinned, and has an additional lateral support at mid-height in the weak direction. 1. Select the lightest A572 Gr. 50 W-section. 2. Select the lightest A572 Gr. 65 section. Problem 4: (25%) Column A-B is a W14x176 A572 Gr. 50 section. It carries a 385 kip dead load and a 1125 kip live load. It is a part of an unbraced frame, shown. In the plane perpendicular to this frame, the column bends about its weak axis and is supported laterally at points A, B, C and at mid-story-heights. Is such column A-B adequate according to the AISC LRFD Code? 40' 40' 40' 14' 14' W16x89 beams W16x89 beams W14x176 A572 Gr 50 column A B C W14x176 A572 Gr 50 column...
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cee122-fa01-mt1-unknown-exam - welds Make sure the...

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