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Name: ___________________ 1 University of California, Berkeley Department of Civil EngineeringFall Semester 200x Instructor: S. A. Mahin CE 124 -- Design of Timber Structures “Trial” FINAL EXAMINATION This examination is open book and notes. Please show all calculations and indicate all relevant assumptions. Unless indicated otherwise, typical California coastal climatic conditions and standard mill practices may be assumed. When in doubt regarding lumber grading, use WWPA rules. HAPPY HOLIDAYS 1. ______________(25) 2. ______________(10) 3. ______________(20) 4. ______________(15) 5. ______________(30) Total: ______________(100) Problem 1 a. While inspecting a construction site you notice that the carpenters are using extremely short nails to attached the diaphragm to the framing. The contractor says not to worry because these are 10d nails common nails as specified on the drawings. Sure enough, the box they come in says that they are 10 d common nails. You make them stop and change the nails, because. .. b. You also note that the contractor is installing tongue and groove floor panels at a location on the drawings which calls for a blocked diaphragm. The contractor says not to worry since the code allows for tongue and groove panels or clips as alternatives for blocking. You say you are not sure if this is the case in this situation, because. ... c. What are the main differences between interior and exterior plywood? d. Above what equilibrium moisture content is it necessary to reduce the allowable stresses for most species of glulam ? EMC =
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CE 124 - Final Exam Name:_______________ 2 e. You notice on inspecting a building you designed several years ago that the nuts on the bolted connections are now loose (but not in danger of falling off). Your colleague asks if the bolts should be re-tightened. You say. ... f. Describe what is meant by a "rigid" diaphragm. Problem 2 The spacing of joists on a floor (not roof) system is 24 inches on center. The design floor load is 175 psf (total DL + LL). The dead load is about 10 psf. The floor is to utilize APA Rated Sheathing that conforms to APA Heavy Duty Floor recommendations. Indicate the required plywood grade, span rating (PII), thickness(es), edge support requirements, and panel orientations for the floor sheathing. Please specify the table in Breyer that you use for your design. Problem 3 The bolted connection shown below uses two rows of 5/8-inch diameter bolts with eight fasteners in each row on each side of the splice. The load applied is due to dead plus roof live load. The wood members are Douglas fir-Larch (No. 2) and the main member is 4 by 10 inches (nominal) in dimension, while the two side members are 2x10's. The wood is initially wet and seasons in place to an EMC = 11%. a. What is the load capacity provided by the bolts? b. What would this load capacity be if two separate side plates were used on each side? c. What is the minimum length of the side members considering spacing between bolts for you answer to parts a and b? The applied load may be tension or compression.
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cee124-fa07-final-Mahin-soln - Name University of...

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