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Unformatted text preview: Name: “WWW” University of California, Berkeley Department of Civil Engineering Fall Semester 260K Instructor: S. A. Mahin CE 124 -- DESIGN OF TIMBER STRUCTURES PRACTICE MIDTERM EXAMINATION NO. 2 This examination is open book and notes. Please show all calcuiations and indicate all relevant assumptions. 1. (XX) Unless indicated otherwise, typical 2. (XX) California coastai climatic conditions and standard mili practices may be 3. (XX) assumed. When in doubt regarding lumber grading, use WWPA rules. Total: (100) Problem 1 a. A pin ended column has a 4 x 8 nominal cross-sectional dimension and is No. 2 Douglas Fir—Larch. What is the longest length that is permitted by the National Design Specification regardless of the computed allowable design compression SUBSS? K ,.._ , f 7 2, €— 1"}2‘, ' j c. O 0’ r» v M ,. f a, m, a ' U N {3 {1,4 (35 9 fl / a: was - LEW, c. A glulam has been instalied upside dOWH. List two potential problems with this situation. i COflFiL-Z a: 53mm 20am -3 7&4? Ué’e'fi ff“ ?"5‘f"‘3’0~ 2 ifl a“ mgr: e 2ch. 7“ t fit/{.15 is? . r ' F! c“ (T :7/ 01v (:1. When are 3/4 — inch thick laminations used in Glulams? WHEM rm: HEW/£3611“ I! Sat/drift?” C-Waw'p {IO H”wa 1- G 77%” e 5‘ r?) U t. CE 124 -- Trial Midterm Exam No. 2 Name: Problem 2 An 8 x 8 inch section (nominal) of No. 2 Douglas Fir ~ Larch is to be used as a part of a earthquake resistant system. The member is pined ended, has an applied axial load of 8 kips and has a length of 24 ft. A transverse load, F, is applied at the midspan of the member due to gravity effects. What is the maximum value of F that can be applied simultaneously with the seismic load? You may igno{e_§e,afing,_§gefi and deflection con iderations in our ca eulations. "'"m‘ 1 ,- I: «52 ~ F S Y 1 ,H/gfifltsifawrfl ~- {3 :5" “— L‘ e 2*; l; 76>- a! M: Maze-#20539} fit‘rso m °if~7§ 0-3 a :1 261 PI". if " 2- '! ‘2‘- '. fir . :- é; .- f5; “:3 F, j” “W” w ,m. ?‘_,M:—_«»—"' g c :f/ ; “mu—MN i T. “mmmm: WNW, 3' j- ‘5; a ' ’3 , . if; r f M fig“ .115!” 32.30 g— m C / Fl, ” r: i ‘ 2 5’ a “3 ‘52 C? . 7 1', I, I. ~ 3“ / 035; h. x H A “a? :5; / ”’ ——" 1 “fie-33;??? ’ if [\J CE 124 — Trial Midterm Exam No. 2 Name: Problem 3 What is the allowable bending moment that can be resisted by a glulam beam with a cross section of 6614 by 36 inches? The beam has a combination symbol 20FuE10. The spacing between lateral supports for the compression face of the beam is 12 feet. The 48- ft. long beam is simply supported at its ends and the ends are braced against torsional rotation. The beam will be used where the equilibrium moisture content will be 24%. Note: Be prepared ALSO to compute displacements for given immediate or sustained loading conditions, and to compare these results to allowable values. . a ,2” ,_ L : 43 H z 41 ff 6% a 34 CM : a 2? we sesame; USé' 20F~ ASE? Ft: 2000 rs: assumes T'E'W’m’“ NW“ Net-ewe I In.» révvgjogu 4’ I [may (I. .- -— ._. __ (A T- < asst/m» ("Vase-pea Qua/.0 2...»;- r 7 ...
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cee124-fa07-mt2-Mahin-soln - Name “WWW” University of...

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