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University of California M. Cassidy Dept. of Civil Engineering Spring 2005 CE 155 Quiz #1 NAME (print clearly): __________________________________________ This quiz (exam) has three parts: Part I: True/False section (four questions) Part II: Short Answer section (one question) Part III: Problem section (two problems; problem 2 has two parts) Try to answer all questions/problems in the allotted time of 50 minutes DO NOT turn this page (and look at the quiz) until instructed to do so.
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Part I: True or False Section (four questions; 2 points each) Specify whether each of the following statements is true or false by clearly marking a T or F in the space immediately below the statement. 1. The “cross elasticity” quantifies how, for example, bus ridership changes in response to a small change in bus fare. Answer: ________ 2. A deficiency of utility functions is the assumption that the (monetary) value derived from making a certain trip must be identical for all people in a population. Answer: ________
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cee155-sp05-mt1-Cassidy-exam - University of California...

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