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cee155-sp05-mt3-Cassidy-exam - University of California...

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University of California M. Cassidy Dept. of Civil Engineering Spring 2005 CE 155 Quiz #3 NAME (print clearly): __________________________________________ This quiz (exam) has three problems. Try to answer all of them in the allotted time of 50 minutes DO NOT turn this page (and look at the quiz) until instructed to do so.
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Problem 1 [20 points] Consider two one-lane roadways that merge into a single one-lane roadway, as shown below. { visualize here a merge with approach links labeled a and b } If there are queues on both approaches (segments a and b ), and if neither approach is metered, then the merge ratio is 1:1. Segments a , b and c each have a capacity of 2,000 vph. The time-dependent demands (i.e., virtual arrival rates) for the two approaches are as given below. Segment a Segment b V 1 (t) = 1,500 vph, 0 < t < 1 hr V 1 (t) = 1,000 vph, 0 < t < 1hr V 2 (t) = 1,000 vph, t > 1 hr V 2 (t) = 0 vph, t > 1 hr Note that during the time interval 0 < t < ½ hr, approach b is metered, such that its
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cee155-sp05-mt3-Cassidy-exam - University of California...

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