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CE 167 Midterm #2 Fall 2000 Prof. C.W. Ibbs Solution Manual Question #1 [5 points apiece--10 points total] The following questions pertain to the book From the Ground Up . Keep answers concise and to the point. (a) The book goes into great detail about problems with the building excavation. Describe (briefly but in detail) the causes and ramifications of the problem. The contractor was excavating the pit for the foundation too much too fast (in other words, they were removing soil in &windows± that were too large, causing the sides of the excavation to be unstable). The result of this was that sidewalks and underground pipelines adjacent to the site began to crack, and the lagging system used to stabilize the pit began to fail. Additionally, the resulting rework and schedule delays meant that the excavation costs would end up being more than $6 million (the bulk of the $6 million is due blowing the schedule, and thus missing out on potential rents). (b) What kinds of insurance and/or bonding could an owner insist that a general contractor have to ensure a problem similar to the one described above will not threaten completion of a project? The owner could require Performance Bonds and you could make an argument for Builder’s Risk Insurance. (I gave Brian a lot of discretion for the grading of this question.) Question #2 [10 points] How are responsibilities apportioned with a bill of quantities contract? Who is affected if the quantities are overestimated? How and why? In a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) contract, the owner is responsible for the quantities and the contractor is responsible for unit prices. If the owner overestimated the quantities, the contractor can be negatively affected because the contractor calculates the unit price based on expected fixed costs plus direct (variable) costs and profit. Therefore, the fixed costs are apportioned out over the
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cee167-fa00-mt2-Ibbs-soln - CE 167 Midterm #2 Fall 2000...

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