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CE167: Engineering Project Management Fall 2007 Professor William Ibbs MIDTERM 1 Date: October 25, 2007 Question 1 [9 points] 1.a. Discuss one major drawback of the discounted and non-discounted payback methods. [3 points] [3 points] Drawback: The methods ignore cash flows after the payback period. It therefore cannot assess all the benefits and costs of an alternative. 1.b. What does the term fast-track mean? Briefly discuss the relationship of it to design-build contracts? [3 points] [1.5 points] Fast-tracking is a practice that allows the construction phase to start at the point when only limited design work has been completed. [1.5 points] Design-build is a project delivery system that can use fast-tracking to save time (and money) for the project parties. 1.c. List at least three elements that constitute a contract. [3 points] [1 point for each] Three major elements: offer, acceptance, and consideration. However, any reasonable elements the students list should be fine, i.e. payment. Question 2 [8 points] A contractor submits a unit price bid to the City of Berkeley to repave an existing street. His unit price and written price extension are contradictory. Is the City allowed to correct the mistake? If “no”, what would the City’s next step be? If “yes”, which would govern? [2 points] The City should is allowed to correct the mistake. [5 points] The “factual determination of the low bid” rules state that the unit price would govern when there is a discrepancy between the unit price and the written price extension (See pages B156-157). Question 3 [3 points] A contractor submitted a bid to the Army Corps of Engineers. His submission failed to note that there had been an addendum that lengthened the contract duration by 30 days. What option(s) does the Corps have? Why? Either ACCEPT or REJECT the bid can the answer. Correct reason(s) associated with ACCEPT or REJECT will get full credits [3 points] The Corps may ACCEPT this bid due to this material impropriety in its bidding documents (See page B156). The Corps can REJECT this bid because failure to list all addenda may be considered an
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cee167-fa07-mt1-Ibbs-soln - CE167: Engineering Project...

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