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cee167-sp05-mt2-ibbs-soln - Question#1[10 points What are...

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Question #1 [10 points] What are the shortcomings of Benefit-Cost Ratio Method? (1) It is only considering “Ratio” and “Portion” savings, not the “Amount” of dollars. 3 points; magnitude, scale, size are okay (2) It’s only considering the simple net amounts for costs and benefits, not considering discounting factor. 3 points; time factor, duration, schedule are okay (3) The ratio can be easily manipulated by treating some costs as disbenefit. 3 points 1 credit for writing anything relevant to the method Question #2 [10 points] When there is ambiguity in the contract and disputes arise, you may want to look for manifestations of intent in order to see the intent of the parties. List five common manifestations in the order of priority. From Higher to Lower Priority; 1. Express Contract Terms (2) 2. Course of Performance: on Current Project (2) 3. Course of Dealing (Course of Action): on Previous Projects (2) 4. Separately Negotiated Terms: Such as Supplement to the Contract (2) 5. Customs + Trades of the Industry (Industry Practices) (2) Question #3 [50 points] Consider the precedence relationships given in the Table below. Activity Predecessors Durations (weeks) A B - - 9 5 C D A B 3 10 E F B B 6 8 G H C, D, E E 6 4 I J E, F H, I 3 7 K L G J, K 5 2 1
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(a) Draw AOA (Activity-On-Arrow) diagram. [10 points] (a) AOA Diagram Basic Logic = 1 Each Arrow (Activity) = 0.5 * 14 = 7 Correct Start & Finish Nodes = 1 Each * 2 = 2 Unnecessary Dummy = - 0.5 (b) Draw AON (Activity-On-Node) diagram and calculate ES, EF, LS, LF, TF, and FF. Tabulate your answers. Also identify the CPs (Critical Paths). [20 points]
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cee167-sp05-mt2-ibbs-soln - Question#1[10 points What are...

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