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Final Exam Answers - Final Exam Superordinants - Study of...

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Final Exam Superordinants - Study of the advantaged/privileged - Ex. masculinity; whiteness; heterosexuals; elite Invisible Knapsack of Privilege (Peggy McIntosh) - opportunities/advantages hidden by the idea of meritocracy - set of tools to benefit the person - ex. whites don’t have to think about race on a daily basis; James McKeever – if you are a white person, walk into a place where they are the only white person to feel conscious about race. Sincere Fiction - widely accepted beliefs that are not necessarily true - ex. “myth of meritocracy” – can’t call it a myth because there are examples of people who can improve their socioeconomic status through hard work. However, these examples are the exceptions and most people are limited by their race, gender, class, etc. - stereotypes model minorities Prejudice/Discrimination - Prejudice negative feelings/attitudes towards a group of people (ex. homophobia) - Discrimination actual act (ex. not giving a woman or a racial minority a job because of their gender/race). Formal/Informal Discrimination - Formal instituted by laws, institutions; are illegal - Informal (ex. can’t deny someone a job because of race – illegal – but finds another
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Final Exam Answers - Final Exam Superordinants - Study of...

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