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1. HIST 103 Notes - HIST 103 Notes Change and continuity...

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HIST 103 Notes August 24, 2009 Change and continuity Fighters, workers, and religious people Medieval to early modern Europe o appearance of printing press (Gutenburg Bible) o Fall of Constantinople to Turks (attack on Christianity) o Is it possible for non-Christians to live within boundaries of early modern Europe? Questions during the emergence from crisis o Bubonic plague (population crisis) o Significance of art September 9, 2009 La Serenissima Battle of Gallipoli (1414) Stability of Venice o Ducat o Arsenal o Libro dell’Oro (Book of Gold) Great Council Doge Venice was at the crossroads of the east and west – an exotic city. There was a feeling of wealth and opulence; stable economy allowed for wealth and luxury. o There was a large number of Jewish in Venice. In most parts of Europe, Jews had been expelled. o Atmosphere of tolerance; meanwhile, Jews were indispensable to the government and trading ventures of the Venetians. They were well-educated and spoke various languages. o Visitors studied with the rabbi Elia del Medigo and learned from the wisdom of the kaballah ; Pico della Mirandola , who liked to take wisdom from various sources, made taking wisdom from the kaballah trendy. In 1516, Venice decided that they needed to segregate the Jewish citizens. They chose to put all of the Jews in the New Foundry district (ghetto nuovo), an area that people did not want to live in. They were subjected to crowded conditions and segregated from Venetian life. Began because of the precedence Ferdinand and Isabella set when they pushed
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1. HIST 103 Notes - HIST 103 Notes Change and continuity...

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