3. Henry VIII

3. Henry VIII - 3. Henry VIIIs Great Matter and the Spread...

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Unformatted text preview: 3. Henry VIIIs Great Matter and the Spread of the Reformation Henry VIII September 28, 2009 I. The Life of Henry VIII a.i. 1491 1509 1547 a.ii. Henry VII and Elizabeth of York a.ii.1. Mother and father of Henry VIII. a.ii.2. It was a political marriage wanted to unite the House of Lancaster and the House of York. a.ii.3. Royal families wanted two male heirs and two female heirs. a.iii. Arthur Tudor m. Catharine of Aragon a.iii.1. Arthur Tudor, the eldest son of Henry VII, was his fathers favorite. Henry VII did not like Henry VIII very much; all of his attention was placed on Arthur. a.iii.2. During his youth, Henry VIII was trained for the church. His fathers vision was that he would become Pope one day. a.iii.3. As a result, Henry VIII believed heavily in a hierarchical society. He did not want to change anything in society that would disrupt the social structure. He saw women as pawns/possessions in the world. He wanted women to be subservient in a patriarchic society. a.iii.4. Henry believes that God is an all-knowing, all-powerful individual who makes judgment on everyone in the world. He believed that he was in direct communication with God; he also believed that he could bargain with God at the end, God would be on his side. a.iii.5. Suddenly, Arthur dies and Henry VIII is elevated to prince. His father did not prepare him well for the role of King he believed that the King did not have to work hard on the job. a.iii.6. In 1509, Henry VIII came to the throne at the age of 18. His reign was seen as a turning point England did not mourn the loss of Henry VII. Henry VIII was charismatic, fun-loving England was moving in a new direction. a.iii.7. 1513 Henry VIII wages war on France; a disastrous military campaign; wanted to get back what he thought rightfully belonged to England. a.iv. Henrys Wives a.iv.1. Catharine of Aragon (Divorced) a.iv.1.a. Daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella; well-educated; guided Henry VIII through the process of being King. a.iv.1.b. Because of her age, she only bore him a daughter. Henry believed that she was refusing to give him a male heir. As a result, his eyes began to wander to other mistresses. a.iv.2. Anne Boleyn (Beheaded) a.iv.2.a. Courted Anne for 6 years before she agreed to sleep with him. In the beginning, she said no and stood up to him. She was not a meek woman. a.iv.2.b. Anne was interested in the new reform religion; wanted the spread of Protestantism. To gain Anne as his wife, he needed to establish a new church. a.iv.3. Jane Seymour (Died) a.iv.4. Anne of Cleves (Divorced) a.iv.5. Catherine Howard (Beheaded) a.iv.6. Catherine Parr (Survived) II. Henrys Faith a.i.1. Believed that he was a man of deep faith....
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3. Henry VIII - 3. Henry VIIIs Great Matter and the Spread...

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