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5. The Changing Intellectual Culture

5. The Changing Intellectual Culture - The Changing...

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The Changing Intellectual Culture: Science and Magic I. Scientific Revolution a. How revolutionary was it? b. Where does it come from? Relationship between classical and medieval texts and new ideas/information. c. How does it come about? The changing role of hands-on experimentation and first-hand eye-witnessing. d. How does it extend the “crisis of authority” in early modern Europe? II. Cosmology: the Judaeo-Christian Worldview a. Purpose of Cosmology a.i. How are things created? Where do things come from? a.ii. How do things move? a.iii. How does stuff stick together? b. Influential classic texts of the early modern period – their “truth” b.i. The Bible (especially Genesis ): creation b.i.1. God created the universe in 6 days and rested on the 7 th . b.i.2. Separation of light from dark, etc. b.i.3. World seemed plastic – sculpted and made by God. b.i.4. The model which other accounts of creation is judged. b.i.5.
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