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7. Science and Religion- the New Science on Trial

7. Science and Religion- the New Science on Trial - 7...

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7. Science and Religion: the New Science on Trial I. Giordano Bruno’s Long Shadow a. Creation a.i. Kepler – God created the universe in number, weight, and measure. a.ii. Creation (bible) – God created the universe through language. b. Giordano Bruno (1548 – 1600) b.i. A Dominican Friar; an early adherent to Copernicus. b.ii. A mystic – the basis of all magic is mathematics; if you understand math, you can understand the godlike nature of the world. b.iii. Son of a soldier; comes from Naples (southern Italy). b.iv. Well educated from youth to work in church. c. Mnemonics (the science of memory) c.i. Since his system of mnemonics is so accurate, people of accused him of doing magic. c.ii. In 1576, he is charged by the church for heresy for the use of mnemonics and for possessing banned books. c.iii. As a result, Bruno runs away and this was seen as a sign of guilt; he was defrocked. c.iv. He wanders around Europe as a jack of all trades. c.v. He wanders into Henry III’s territory (related to Catherine d’Medici); he was packed off to England to Elizabeth’s court. d. The Ash Wednesday Supper d.i. Bruno publishes treatises about mnemonics, philosophy, and Copernicunism. One of his most famous is The Ash Wednesday Supper. d.ii. Argued that if there was one world with intelligent beings, there may be multiple worlds with intelligent beings. This was too radical for everyone in Europe at the time. d.iii. His patron; when he refuses to teach Bellarmino his magical art of mnemonics, his patron turned him in to the Inquisition, which was headed by the Dominican Friars e.
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