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9. The Enlightenment

9. The Enlightenment - 9 The Enlightenment I Thinking About...

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9. The Enlightenment I. Thinking About the 18 th Century a. Contradictions and Ambiguities b. From Obligations to Rights c. Expanding Empires d. Expanding Markets e. The Growth of Leisure e.i. Boredom came into being in the 18 th century; people didn’t have to work in the fields or worry about where their next meal would come from. II. How Enlightenment Ideas Developed French Philosophes English Ideas Spread Message Parliament Immanuel Kant Science/Isaac Newton Hobbes and Locke a. The French worshipped English political and scientific ideas. They believed that Isaac Newton was the model intellectual of the Enlightenment. b. French philisophes were bound in the hereditary French aristocracy and an absolute monarchy; meanwhile, Newton manages to rise up despite his origins. c. English parliament, ruling with the King, becomes the political ideal of the Enlightenment. d. Immanuel Kant – though and intellectual activity can overthrow tradition and provide you freedom.
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