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SOCI 150 - Notes Pt.2 - SOCI 150: Social Problems I. II....

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SOCI 150: Social Problems I. Abortion in the United States a. 1810: Abortion illegal in U.S. (with exceptions) b. 1910-1930: contraception technologies (rubber condom) introduced. c. 1940s: Kinsey – 20-25% of married women have had an abortion. d. 1962: Thalidomide cases e. Mid 1960s – early 1970s: women’s movement and “reproductive rights” f. 1973: Roe v. Wade g. 1970s – present: “pro-life” vs. “pro-choice” II. Abortion Debates a. “Pro-Life” a.i. Personhood : at conception; when sperm meets egg a.ii. Language : unborn child a.iii. Focus : right of the unborn child “right to life” a.iv. Abortion decision : abortion is murder (moral absolutism) b. “Pro-Choice” b.i. Personhood: when viable; when it can survive outside of the mother’s womb. b.ii. Language: fetus b.iii. Focus: right of woman to control her body “pro-choice” b.iv. Abortion decision: left up to the individual (moral relativism) III. Symbols and Stories they Tell a. “Pro-Life” a.i. Ultrasound photos of baby a.ii. “Thanks, Mom, for not aborting me” a.iii. Sexual promiscuity and multiple abortions used as contraception a.iv. Stories of late term “live birth” abortions a.v. “Most Americans oppose abortion on demand” b. “Pro-Choice” b.i. Horror stories of illegal, back alley abortions b.ii. Stories of sad state of children; “millions of unwanted pregnancies” b.iii. Abortion as last option after failed contraception b.iv. “Most Americans support Roe v. Wade reproductive rights” IV. Personal Positions a. Strains or contradictions in my own position a.i. Men’s right in abortion decision? a.ii. Situation use of language “baby” or “fetus” a.iii. Parental notification a.iv. Question of “viability” a.v. Genetic screening and links of eugenics (how and by whom do we decide to weed out people) “Western” Views on Homosexuality I. Judeo-Christian Religious Views a. John Boswell (1981) – Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality
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SOCI 150 - Notes Pt.2 - SOCI 150: Social Problems I. II....

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