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Wright, 1 Stephanie Wright Professor Matway ENGCMP 1551 15 October 2011 Essay #1: Insights from Class Texts to Take for my Work in the World The word ‘standard’ came into the English language in the twelfth century from the old French word for “a military or naval ensign.” In the last nine hundred years since it has come into English use it has been adapted to mean anything from a king’s authority and a legal rate of money to the modern day norm. According to David Chrystal, no language is ever completely immune to variability. No variety of language ever stands still, or is used by everyone in the same way, not even the same variety (224). This essay will strive to connect two of Harvey Daniel’s ideas (4,6,) about language with the Stories of English (David Chrystal) and what you speak (Lane Greene) today. According to Daniels, everyone speaks a dialect and many of the world’s languages have a standard dialect and while no dialect is necessarily deemed superior, the standard dialect does bestow certain social, political and economic powers on its users (8). The English Language needs a standard dialect because otherwise, linguists would have to rely solely on the descriptive or the prescriptive approach to regulate all the lexical changes from each different dialect, and as the language evolved the result would either be a tower of Babel situation where eventually we cannot understand one another at all or a strict language with no room for variance. Unfortunately, this standardization makes some more culturally rich English speakers feel
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Wright, 2 pressured to conform while it puts others under the impression that they are superior citizens because they speak ‘proper’ and ‘educated’ English. However, people should not be reproved for speaking other dialects and sticklers should learn to accept when language evolves and leave room for variance because rules are derived from actual usage and they lose their relevance if they cease to model and adapt to the way modern language actually works. In the English language there are many dialects: Black English, Pennsylvania Dutchified English, Boston
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engcomp essay work - Wright 1 Stephanie Wright Professor...

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