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HW3_Semantics_Pragmatics - Homework 3 Semantics Pragmatics...

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Homework 3 Homework 3: Semantics & Pragmatics Due Tuesday , October 11, 2011 Please type your answers. (65 total points) 1. Lexical Semantics. In what way are the following pairs of words related? In cases of hyponymy, indicate which word is the hyponym and which word is the hypernym. In cases of antonyms, be sure to specify type (where applicable) (6 points) a. shallow deep b. mature ripe c. table furniture d. single married e. to hire to fire f. move run g. sofa couch h. punch touch i. green blue j. unwrap wrap k. periwinkle blue l. sincere insincere 2. For each of the following, give an example of a possible prototype and a non-prototype (3 points) Ex: bird prototype: robin non-prototype: emu a. building b. fruit c. compound word 3. Compositional Semantics. Which the following pure intersection or relative intersection? Are any subsective? Are any non-intersectional? Anti-intersectional? (4 points)
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