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Homework 7 Homework 7: Sociolinguistics Due Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Please type your responses. (55 points) 1. For each example below, identify the level of linguistic structure at which the variation exists. (7 points) Phonetic variation Phonological variation Morphological variation Syntactic variation Semantic variation Style/register a. My mom would tell me to get something from the icebox, rather than the refrigerator. b. Some Caribbean English dialects do not have the sounds [θ] or [ð]; instead the sounds [t] and [d], respectively are substituted, eg., both [boʊt], there [dɛɹ]. c. Many dialects of English have multiple negation, as in I didn’t see nobody take no pictures . d. Many American dialects have the mid back lax vowel [ɔ]. However, this vowel is produced very differently in different dialects; some are more rounded, some less so; some are higher or lower than others. e. Some children call the insect that glows in the dark a firefly ; some lightning bug , others; glow worm , others, fire bug . f. When I’m at home, I may use an expletive to emphasize the importance; but I avoid expletives when teaching. g. Some African American English dialects do not mark the third person singular present tense, e.g., he kiss, she see, it jump . 2. Discuss three aspects of your identity that influence the way you use language. Describe the affect on your language , including what level of linguistic structure. Write about a half a page (typed, double-spaced). Don’t include statements like "my group of friends" does this or that. Who you are friends with is more a social fact than
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HW7_Sociolinguistics - Homework 7 Sociolinguistics Due...

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