IL 1041 observation 2 grade school

IL 1041 observation 2 grade school - IL 1041: Observation...

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IL 1041: Observation #2 Stephanie Wright 10/25/11 This week a lot more color has been added to Mr. Nardini’s classroom in preparation for Halloween. There are jack lanterns hanging above the white board and little apples taped to the door with all his students’ names on them. Today the kids are sitting in groups of four around the classroom practicing their vocabulary words with flashcards. One side of the card has a little star on it with the definition and the reverse side has the word. The children are acting out the meaning of the words in their groups. The learning objective here is to increase each student’s vocabulary by showing them new and unfamiliar words. The child’s prior knowledge of the word is assessed when the teacher asks them to act out what they think the word means before they flip the card over to view the definition. Developmental needs for the activity include ability to recognize and sound out letters in order to read the word on the card and cooperation skills in small group work. The methods used to teach this activity included direct instruction, as Mr. Nardini circled around the room and asked each child to show him what a particular word meant and the use of group work to discuss and help clarify any misunderstanding a child may have of a word among classmates. Although there are no English language learners in Mr. Nardini’s classroom, if there were
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IL 1041 observation 2 grade school - IL 1041: Observation...

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