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observation 1 IL1041

observation 1 IL1041 - to the front entrance which in...

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The Falk School is a gray stone building on the upper campus of the University of Pittsburgh that sits quietly across from the VA hospital and up the hill from the University dorms that overlook the Peterson events center. Beneath it lays the future, the real world full of buzzing city traffic; rushing weaving college students, medical professionals and the fast moving buses and cars on Forbes Avenue that speed between them. The school itself is lovely, quietly uninterrupted by the urban world of chaos that lies below it. It’s an old tall stone pointy building trimmed with big trees and tall gates that lead up
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Unformatted text preview: to the front entrance, which in itself, could be intimidating without the inviting playground full of laughing children framing the side of the school. As I am walking up the sidewalk to approach the entrance a rush of wind breezes by my shoulder and I notice a group of children watching as a beautiful orange colored leaf swiftly floats through the air and lands next to a swaying recently abandoned set of swings. The children sigh and rake the sky for another with their little arms extended high above their heads, ready to catch the fall....
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