IL 1045 ELL observation

IL 1045 ELL observation - 1 Student Assessment and...

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1 Student Assessment and Reflection For my student assessment, I went to the Minadeo School on Lilac Street in the Squirrel Hill. The Minadeo School is a kindergarten through fifth grade public School in the Pittsburgh School district. Minadeo has 555 students and 29 teachers with an average student to teacher ratio of 19 to 1. Minadeo, an urban school, has a rich cultural diversity with an average of 6 to 10 English Language Learners at varying levels of English emergence in every classroom. My individual assessment was done in Mrs. Mcallister’s prekindergarten class. The individual I interviewed for my data was a 4 year old Russian native speaking male. The student had been told had been coming to talk with him, so as the class lined up for recess he glanced nervously at me, unsure what to expect. Since Mrs. Mcallister had informed me that his first language was Russian and I to speak some Russian, I thought I would greet him in his native language to help ease his nerves and make him feel more comfortable talking to me. When I asked the student what his name was, he was able to tell me as I prompted him with both his first and then his last name. When I asked the student how old he was, he held up for fingers and said “Shatiri.” I was unsure if he responded in Russian because he knew I spoke his language and that was what he felt more comfortable with or because he was code switching and couldn’t readily remember how to say “four” in English, so I rephrased and asked again. “Tell me how old you are?” This time he responded with the correct answer in English.
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IL 1045 ELL observation - 1 Student Assessment and...

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