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Stephanie Wright ESS 125 12/13/10 Extra Credit Submission #2: Reflective Course Essay 1 This course has taught me that in life it is best to always be ready for the worst because at any given moment the norm is always subject to change. Sometimes these changes can be drastic, catastrophic even. With volcanoes in particular, it is always cheaper to prevent the damage done in both lives and dollars by being prepared for an eruption than it is to deal with the consequences of the aftermath. There are many different types of Volcanoes on Earth. Every volcano presents a different set of potential hazards to the people and property in its immediate surroundings. This is why it is very important to establish an alert level, so that the people can readily be informed and can safely evacuate if an eruption is suspected. One interesting thing I learned was that not all people choose to evacuate, even under the high risk of hazards that indicate an eruption. This is because there are many different ways people view volcanoes around the world. While I personally hold a more
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