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Medical Ethics Case presentation

Medical Ethics Case presentation - Introduction(Steph In...

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Introduction- (Steph) In late 2004 a New York woman, Leisha Nebel-Taylor and her Husband had been trying to conceive a child when the husbands lungs suddenly failed and he ended up hospitalized in a coma. After her late husband died, she recalled a conversation she had had with him six months prior to his death. They had been watching a news segment on sperm retrieval post-mortem and she questioned what he would want in such a tragic situation. He allegedly gave her permission in the event of such a circumstance to use his sperm. In attempt to honor her husband’s wishes and to fulfill her own desires to have his child, she went to a Urologist about obtaining sperm from her husband, which then was frozen and stored for her. Six years passed before she decided to use his sperm. Shortly after the September 11th tragedy, she was thinking about her husband and decided to undergo in vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization is when a doctor places a sperm and an unfertilized egg in a petri dish and then transfers the resulting embryo into the uterus of the female carrying the child. It is interesting to note that only one child in the U.S had been born from sperm retrieval post-mortem prior to 2004. However, only about 4 in every 22 women are approved for sperm retrieval after their spouse’s death (Lerner, 2004.) Despite this statistic, most women do not even choose to use the sperm for various reasons. Sometimes they remarry and have children with their next husband; others decide not to have children at all. However, Caplan argues (2007)“unlike those who freeze sperm knowing what might
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