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Freshman paper - English philosopher and political...

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English philosopher and political economist, John Stuart Mill once wrote, “No stronger case can be shown for prohibiting anything which is regarded as a personal immorality, than is made out for suppressing these practices in the eyes of those who regard them as impieties; and unless we are willing to adopt the logic of persecutors, and to say that we may persecute others because we are right, and that they must not persecute us because they are wrong, we must be aware of admitting a principle of which we should resent as a gross injustice of the application to ourselves.” In an article published July 9, 2003 two Los Angeles Times authors, Jeffrey Sachs and Sakiko Fukuda Parr wrote an article urging for immediate action in response to world poverty as a candidate for economic justice they entitled, “If we cared to we could defeat world poverty.” In their article they pushed for all the wealthy nations of the world to submit to a national government program that could potentially fix world poverty. However, it is a belief that to implement such a socialistic policy that promotes a redistribution of global wealth in a time when the people among even the richest nations cannot even afford to fend for themselves would
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Freshman paper - English philosopher and political...

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