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1 I thought the activities fair was a very successful event because there were many different clubs to choose from and a wide variety of ways to get involved with the LaSalle community available. I signed up for all five of the activities I found for the class assignment. The clubs I signed up for are: LOCK, AED, Explore Ambassador, Foster Care Tutoring, and N2N. All the groups, for the exception of AED, are organizations that benefit the local community as well as
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Unformatted text preview: the impoverished community of the United States. AED is an honor society I hope to be inducted in junior year that focuses in on students leaning toward a profession in the medical field. I believe that taking part in each one of these organizations will help me stay involved in the community of my college and introduce me to a lot of community service that will help me give back to the city that my school resides in....
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