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Film Studies Lecture Chapter 8

Film Studies Lecture Chapter 8 - Film Studies notes CHAPTER...

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Film Studies notes CHAPTER 8 Thomas Ince& The Studio System Factory Mass Production 1 movie week Thomas Ince- Created first assembly line type film style, theory from henry ford High quality- Made Sense, Universal perspectives Producer- Managed Costs The Film Studio ScreenPlay- the way producers controls the film, script The Division of Labor Hollywood 1919 very popular throughout the world dominated American market Why? efficient costs, broad US culture, large US market American culure spreads throughout the world World War 1-destroyed many film international film industries Mary Pickford Worked first at biography Worked then for Zukor marAmerica's sweetheart First Star Theda Bara First screen vamp A fool there was- kiss me my fool
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Mary Pickford imitator Westerns & William S. Hart 1919 first western feature films moral film very serious drama Comedy Mack Sennet- Keystone did not become feature film until Chaplin 1920 Keystone leading comedy factory developed comedy stereotypes chases, funny looking ppl
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