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Study questions (Don’t turn in your answers to these questions. Use them to help you study): 1. What is the relationship between hypothesis and theory in Science? 2. Why is it exciting for an experiment to yield a surprising or even contradictory result? 3. What are some steps that go into the ‘scientific process’? 4. Why is it important to be educated about science? 5. What is the difference between induction and deduction? 6. Why is science not a democracy? 7. What lines of evidence did Galileo invoke in support of the Copernican theory? 8. What falling object did Newton use to verify the inverse square variation with distance of gravity? 9. What object’s orbit didn’t quite match Newton’s “Law of Gravitation” but was explained by the “Theory of General Relativity”? 10. What are the hypotheses that Einstein put forward to derive special and general relativity? 11. If an astronaut flies past you at a very high speed, what are some of the effects that you’ll perceive in terms of clocks on his spaceship and the sizes of objects? 12. Why does Einstein’s theory of gravity predict that light will bend near massive objects, while Newton’s theory did not? 13. What is the twin paradox? What explains it? Is there any evidence that it is a real effect? 14. What is the relationship between mass and energy? Give an example of the conversion of mass into energy, or vice-versa. 15. Why is a uniform distribution of matter a reasonable model for the Universe on large scales? How large of a piece of the universe do you need to basically have a good “average” piece? 16.
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GE70AMTStudyQues - Study questions(Dont turn in your...

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