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Research Paper Assignment Due: October 19, 2011 Length: 6-8 pages (1800-2400 words) Format: double-spaced, 12-point font, standard margins, numbered pages Submit a hard copy of the paper to your TA & upload an electronic copy to MyUCLA/Film 106a/ Assignment: Your task in paper one is to focus on a decisive event, piece of technology, concept, individual, or group of individuals that played a role in the development of American cinema; outline the specific origins and effects of this selected topic; and clearly explain its historical significance. Please select a topic in American film history prior to 1940. STEPS TO SUCCESS - When choosing your topic please keep the length of the assignment in mind. Avoid topics that are too broad to be covered at this length, such as "Hollywood’s transition to sound." Narrow the area of study; “The impact of the transition to sound on independent producers” is more manageable at 6-8 pages. - This is not a film analysis paper, so don’t pick a topic that requires film viewing or film interpretation – avoid “The image of women in Hollywood film.” Instead, focus in on a particular aspect of a historical topic that interests you. Narrowing the focus will also help you to approach the topic from a specific, unique angle and consequently, make your essay more original. -
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Research_Paper_Assignment_#1 - UCLA Film & TV 106A -...

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