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extra credit lecture

extra credit lecture - 1 On Tuesday I sat in on Dr Bergens...

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1 On Tuesday I sat in on Dr. Bergen’s “violence against women” lecture in the Dan Rodden theatre. She is e chair of Sociology at St. Joseph’s University. She is also the president of the rape education prevention committee. She told us a story of a St. Joseph’s student who was brutally murdered in 2005. Her name was Kristin Mitchell and she was stabbed more than fifty times by her boyfriend to her death. She was an excellent student who was family oriented and heavily involved in her community. In her memory, her parents have since set up the Kristin Mitchell Foundation-a foundation that strives to spread awareness among other college students of dating violence and the warning signs of an abusive relationship. In Dr. Bergen’s lecture, she explained that one thousand to two thousand women are killed every year by their intimate partner. One fourth of all women and one seventh of all men, from the age of eighteen to twenty-four are raped.
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