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Education in the U.S

Education in the U.S - Francis Bacon believed that reading...

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Unformatted text preview: Francis Bacon believed that reading and knowledge were imperative to life in order for people to find solutions to their problems, explanations for their curiosity, and hope to replace all the despair that followed their imminent uncertainties. He saw knowledge as the key that opened all doors that led away from ignorance. It is my great hope that one day I can become the key that opens the doors to an equal education for my future students. I believe the purpose of education is to liberate-and not just the privileged few, and not just children but all people. I believe that education should not be limited by age, race, tax dollars or financial constraints. Learning does not discriminate and neither should we as future educators. It has and should continue to exist as a weapon of the oppressed to combat the ignorant. Knowledge is a fruitful tree and every child should be given the opportunity to eat from it. In the past many people have suggested that the means to mollify social problems of class resentment was through...
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