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english essay 2 - I believe Barthes is a bitter and self...

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Stephanie Wright English 108 Paper #1 The Opinion of Roland Barthes “Toys” Roland Barthes was very clearly never a child. By his essay, it seems he never had a childhood that allowed him to explore the joy of role-playing with Gi-Joes or dolls. Blocks were boring wooden toys that gave me splinters. When you are a child you do not concern yourself with the implications behind it. You do not sit around critiquing the plastic imitation in front of you, and you most certainly do not care whether or not it exists as a paradigm to a reality that you are not old enough to understand. When you are young, it does not bother you that a toy is not built to last because by the time it falls apart or the spring breaks, you have most likely exhausted the excitement associated with this old toy moved on and found something better to play with. Part Two Barthes believed that most toys stifle creativity in children because they are built to imitate a larger reality, but are not built to outlast it.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe Barthes is a bitter and self righteous old French man who is too hung up on the material required to make a toy, rather than the purpose the toy actually serves in a child’s life. Toys have always had the capacity to stimulate creativity. How much a child gets out of a toy is dependent on the power of their imagination. Videogames, for example, are made to be interactive and nowadays they even provide elements of exercise and encouragement. Other toys like “Simon” and “Bop it” provide mental stimulation that help to strengthen both the child’s hand and eye coordination and proper brain function. A doll could potentially limit a child’s imagination if they treated it like a person rather than an object, but playing with a doll could also help a child practice normal interactions and relationships between people on a smaller scale that could later help them to establish friendships in their future lives....
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english essay 2 - I believe Barthes is a bitter and self...

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