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1 There is much to say about the motives and chaos that is the social class system. Thinking about class and equality is ties in with the concepts of the minority and class warfare. Karl Marx’s class theory broke society down into two groups: workers and capitalists. He believed that there were three steps to class equality and it involved society going through the phases of feudalism, capitalism and socialism. As discussed in the film, there are four problems with this theory. First, it does not specify if class is objective or subjective. An objective class is depends on the principle of whether or not social ranking is determined by a hierarchal or relational status. The second problem Marx’s theory presents is that it does not elucidate whether the class is chunky or smooth. Quintessentially, this is the peanut butter problem. Thirdly, Marx is unclear in his suggestion of equality. Historians and sociologists of a later time have questioned as to whether he had been referring to equality of opportunity or if what he
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