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Axia College Material Appendix D Topic Outline and Thesis Statement Guide What is your thesis statement? Although it make take some time, it is possible to be healthy while having fun and without changing too much of your daily lifestyle. I. First main point: Obesity in the United States A. Supporting details: Growing problem in our country 1. Subdetails: Show that obesity is starting younger and effecting people longer 2. Subdetails: Discuss body weight averages B. Supporting details: Health Risks 1. Subdetails: Discuss diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease 2. Subdetails: The importance of diet and exercise for your health II. Second main point: Exercise A. Supporting details: Include in your daily routine 1. Subdetails: Every step counts 2. Subdetails: Discuss how much exercise one should get each week
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Unformatted text preview: B. Supporting details: Make it fun 1. Subdetails: Create a dance routine 2. Subdetails: Join a gym III. Third main point: Healthy Eating A. Supporting details: Calories 1. Subdetails: Show normal calorie intake for your body weight 2. Subdetails: Keep a log B. Supporting details: Shopping 1. Subdetails: Make a list – stay on track 2. Subdetails: Know what you’re putting in your body – do the research IV. Fourth main point: Daily Lifestyle A. Supporting details: Exercise 1. Subdetails: Two to three times a week 2. Subdetails: Roughly 20 minutes a day B. Supporting details: Eating 1. Subdetails: Can still go out 2. Subdetails: About portions, not completely cutting out food COM 150...
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