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Protagoras Questions

Protagoras Questions - Reading Questions 3 Protagoras...

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Reading Questions 3: Protagoras Protagoras Fragments: 1. In your own words, and after reading the Billig excerpt as well, explain what Protagoras seems to be saying in each of the three fragments included in today’s reading. In the first excerpt, Protagoras seems to mean that for every idea or concept, there is a differing or contrasting way to describe it and talk about it. The second excerpt seems to say that without even meaning to explain or interpret every idea on earth, people still create a world around them whether they know it or not. Lastly, the third fragment appears to show a type of humility that the sophists express. They seem to be admitting that certain topics are far too vague and beyond them, and that there is not enough time to be able to learn enough about those topics. Billig, “The Genius of Protagoras”: 2. What does Billig mean by “the two-sidedness of human thinking”? Billig discusses the two-sidedness of human thinking by giving the examples that a rhetorician deals
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