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The Writing Process - editor The hardest part for me is...

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1. How does the writing process you read about in this article differ from the process you have used in the past? I have actually read this article before so I would like to think that I already use these steps in my writing processes. In my previous classes I learned to pre-write, draft, edit, and revise. More importantly I learned how important each one of these steps is. 2. Which step in the writing process is easiest for you to complete? Which step is the most difficult? In my opinion the editing is the easiest process. I have come to appreciate the feedback from my friends and also to not feel so awkward when reading my papers aloud. The CWE offers many different sources to use when editing a paper; and, I would like to think that after taking a critical thinking course, in which I learned all about fallacies and rhetorics, I am a better writer and
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Unformatted text preview: editor. The hardest part for me is starting the paper. Even though there are many different ways to begin the pre-writing process, I still find it hard to form words even with my pencil to the paper. 3. How can you overcome this obstacle to become a more effective writer? The last time I read this article, I did not commit it all to memory; I had forgotten a very crucial step in the pre-writing process. Part of free writing is writing continuously; however, I did not remember that meant I could just continuously write the same word over and over again. This seems tedious to me, but I can understand how doing this makes it possible for your brain to link one word to a different word, thereby, creating a whole thought....
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